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Comment on map
Use our interactive map to give us your comments on the city centre.

The area covered by the Plan is shown by the purple line – drop pins inside this area with any comments you want to make about the area. If you have comments about the wider area, drop your pin outside of the purple line.

The Plan will look in detail at Castle Park and the St James Barton area including the Bearpit and St James Park – these areas are shown by the green lines. Drop pins inside these areas for comments specific to these locations.

We are particularly interested in your views on the following:
  • Character and use – how the city centre might look, feel and be used in the future
  • Economy and skills – providing a range of opportunities for jobs and business
  • Housing – how to make the city centre an attractive place to live
  • Movement – how to make the city safe and accessible for everyone
  • Streets, parks and open spaces – how to provide the quality public spaces needed to support healthy, active communities
  • Nature – how to preserve and enhance biodiversity and benefit from nature’s positive impact on the city
  • Climate change – how redevelopment in the city centre can support the council’s aim to be carbon neutral and climate resilient by 2030.
If you have pictures of places that are important to you, or that you would like to see change, you can also attach images to your comment.

You can view other people’s comments and see what they have said about the area by clicking on the pins on the map. Liking an existing comment will help us understand its importance compared to others.